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  • Jason Inanga

New Trail Project in Beltsville

The trail construction on Sellman Road (left) and Cherry Hill (right)

Motorists who drive past the entrance to the Beltsville Community Center on Sellman Road, as well as motorists who drive on Cherry Hill Road near the bridge before Home Depot, will later this year, experience some permanent changes to those areas.

In recent weeks, construction work has appeared in the areas listed above, and in the month of June into July, concrete slabs have been placed to the top of Sellman Road from the traffic lights down to the roundabout to go into Sellman Estates.

If you drive on these roads, you will definitely want to give yourself some extra drive time, as construction will soon get to that location.

Jason Yeo is the Senior Superintendent Team Leader from Rockville-based HBW Construction, and he was kind enough to give Beltsville News a summary of the project. Yeo said, “We are building a trail, not a sidewalk,” in response to a question from Beltsville News. He revealed that the project is very strategic because it links the trail in Beltsville, by the Community Center, to the trail in College Park which picks up opposite Home Depot and the trail ultimately ends up in DC.

Bicycle enthusiasts can look forward to enjoying this 2-mile stretch of the project and possibly share with other readers, their experience cycling from Beltsville to Washington DC.

The official completion date of the project is early 2019. A more detailed interview with Jason Yeo will feature next month and readers will be provided with updates, up to the time the project is completed.

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