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  • Jason Inanga

Seven Fun Things about Your Police Officers in Beltsville

The police department is a very important resource in any community. However, in Beltsville, we take things one level higher than other communities. Beltsville has shown appreciation to law enforcement in many ways. To get to know our local officers better, I will try each month to see if we can get the officers of District 6 to share some fun facts about themselves with us.

So here we go with Sergeant Erika Monroe. All I will type are the question and her response. No commentary from me.

  1. High school attended: Potomac High School, Maryland

  2. Favorite car: Aston Martin

  3. Favorite meal: Anything seafood

  4. Favorite sports team: Dallas Cowboys (I thought she would say Pittsburgh Steelers, lol)

  5. Stranded on an island, the one item you cannot do without? Family photos

  6. Dream vacation spot: Bora Bora (Thailand)

  7. What do you like best about being a police officer? The impact I have on people's lives.

You get two police officers in this article as Officer Danita Matthews was present, so I asked her the same questions.

  1. . High school attended: Anacostia (Washington DC)

  2. . Favorite car: One that works

  3. . Favorite meal: Anything sushi

  4. . Favorite sports team: Not a sports person

  5. . Stranded on an island, the one thing you cannot do without? Soap

  6. . Dream vacation spot: Bora Bora, Thailand (and, no, she did not hear Sgt. Monroe's answer)

  7. . What do you like about being a police officer? The best part for me is being able to solve problems and see the appreciation that follows. It is a thankless job, but at the end of it all, one gets a good feeling.

Hopefully, in October, we will get two more officers to share seven things with us.

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