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Jason's Jive: October 2019

Beltsville is changing right before our eyes. To me, this is a nice development. I know some readers would prefer the old, quiet atmosphere that was once Beltsville. But this is 2019, and we have to get prepared for change taking place around us.

The little shopping place off Cherry Hill Road near the 7-11 is booming. That location gives you an idea about the level of diversity in the community. You no longer have to spend money flying around the world…just visit the shopping center.

The place has a very nice Peruvian restaurant, and I actually prefer it to Sardis. Then a few doors down is the Dominican Bakery (Francesca’s—I will talk a bit more about her later). After the bakery, you have an African restaurant, then another Spanish restaurant and bar. So sorry I do not remember all the names of these places. Africa is represented with a nice, new restaurant, and next to it is my favorite Indian restaurant in the whole of PG County—Maurya’s. It all ends with the Caribbean restaurant that recently opened up. This past week I chose to patronize the local businesses there, and I enjoyed it.

So, when you want to eat out, consider supporting the local businesses in our town of Beltsville. I did that this past week, eating from the Peruvian chicken place, the bakery, and Maurya’s. I do not want to come off as being selfish, but I know there are lots of other developments in the community.

I will welcome Washington Adventist Hospital to the area, relatively speaking. However, that is one business place I have no immediate desire to visit…I will remain healthy to avoid a medical visit there.

Welcome, too, to Royal Farms, which is located in the new development near Konterra Drive on the way to Laurel. Francesca at the Dominican Bakery is my new friend. The weekend of September 14, I rushed down from Lanham with the intent to purchase her coconut cookies—they are delicious. I got there twenty minutes after they closed because I had stopped to help a lady change a flat tire. I literally stood out there for 20 minutes begging them to open the door to sell me cookies. She eventually did, and I thanked her profusely.

So please, let us continue to be Beltsville Strong. Support the local business places. Let us continue to build new friendships with those who have chosen to do business here. Thank you for reading and have a great day. In the next “Jive,” we will talk about healthy lifestyles.

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