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On The Agenda: January 2021 By President Karen M. Coakley

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

News You Can Use from the Beltsville Citizen’s Association:

GOOD-BYE 2020! HAPPY NEW YEAR! WELCOME 2021! I want to thank everyone who decorated the homes this year for the holidays! You made the “Season Bright.” While we are limited on where we can go and who we can be with, we could drive around Beltsville for some holiday cheer and enjoy your decorations.

A detailed site plan for a portion of the Behnkes property will be presented at our January virtual/call-in meeting. We will have our virtual/call-in meeting Wednesday, January 20, at 7 pm. Bossi, a planner/coordinator with the Urban Design Section of MNCPPC, and the owner will discuss the proposed 7-11/gas station. The owners of the 7-11 currently located in the Garrett Cove Shopping Center would move a couple blocks south on Route 1. The 7-11 would be at the corner of Howard Avenue and Route 1, the former site of Behnkes Florist shop. The Behnkes property is in the CM (commercial miscellaneous) zone. Just an FYI: the townhomes that were previously proposed are not moving forward. The detailed site plan is scheduled to go before the MNCPPC Planning Board on February 4.

Winter Car Safety Tip: car thieves are watching, so on those cold winter mornings DO NOT leave your car unoccupied while it warms up.

Please send me your email address to receive the login information for our January Citizens Association Virtual Meeting. Details will be posted on The Beltsville News Facebook page and nextdoor. I can be reached at 301.937.3490 or

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