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Everybody Loves The Sunshine by Rev. Dr. Jalene Chase

This song was released in 1976 by Roy Ayers and his band Roy Ayers Ubiquity. It makes me smile when I sing it. People who are into lyrics may look at the words and ask why because it is the same words over and over again. There are no political speeches, and no fancy words, it is simply a cool song. Even the band’s name is cool, “ubiquity”, which means appearing everywhere simultaneously. Think about it, when we are outside with our face to the sky, arms stretched out on a beautiful sunny day, don’t we want to experience it repeatedly? It is whimsical. It makes us want to let go and enjoy life. The song starts with “My life, my life, my life, my life in the sunshine. Everybody loves the sunshine” My favorite lyrics reach deep in my soul.

Feel what I feel, when I feel, what I feel

When I'm feelin', in the sunshine

Being able to feel is important. Too often we are denied it. I have been holding onto this article since the beginning of the year, it finally feels right. Each month I submitted something else. January – “Dancing in the Streets”. February – “God Bless America” March – “This Land is Your Land”. April – “A Change is Gonna Come”. Those titles were in response to the election, the Capitol Insurrection, an uptick in voter suppression laws, and the recent flurry of mass shootings. This month’s submission is on the day after the Three Guilty Verdicts on April 20, 2021. As a retired police officer, I will say that every profession has those who make the job hard for others. That was his doing, and that is his verdict. The world viewed the journey of Black people presented in a 9 minute and 29-second vignette. Hearing that announcement gave me a mustard seed of hope that Lady Justice is not blind, deaf, or mute when it comes to the cries of Black people. In that announcement, all people had worth. As the song repeats in my head, I want to drop everything, and just feel it.

That is the way I feel about my faith. It gets renewed on Sunday mornings when I look at the faces of people who believe in the possibilities of new mercies every day when we wake up. We are not perfect, and we live among imperfect people, we gather for encouragement knowing God loves us all. If you feel the same, join us. We meet virtually for worship on Sunday mornings at 10 am Meeting ID: 851 2578 5976 Passcode: 850888 One tap mobile +13017158592, and Bible Study on Wednesdays. More information can be found on our webpage or our Facebook page Until next time:





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