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From the Office of Council Member Tom Dernoga April 2022

Updated: May 6, 2022

Council Member Tom Dernoga

Update on Vansville & Redistricting

Last year November 2021, the County Council approved a redistricting map by a 6-4 vote that replaced the map drawn by an independent commission. I voted against the Council map. Residents, including the President of Vansville Heights Citizens Association, filed a lawsuit against the County Council to overturn the council drawn map. The circuit court agreed with the plaintiffs and swiftly overturned the County Council's Redistricting map. Following an appeal by the Prince George’s County Council, the Maryland Court of Appeals affirmed the lower court's decision.

Now, the map drawn by the independent commission sets the new County Council districts. I am pleased that I was able to provide key legal advice to the resident plaintiffs to aid in overturning the redistricting map and thus keeping Vansville together as one community.

A New Community Center Near Beltsville

In early March, I met with Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-

March 2022 Virtual Town Hall with Commander Fisher

NCPPC) staff to explore next steps for a community center in North College Park. The facility, open to all county residents, will be approximately 12,000 sq. ft. Proposals of the facility and its staff include residents with programming, an exercise facility and a kitchen that could be used by Meals on Wheels-College Park. Currently, only a feasibility study is funded and should be launched in the next few months. More concrete details will be provided as they are learned.

Electric Charging Infrastructure County Bill-15-2022

Following Federal and State commitments to electric vehicle (EV) charging ports, CB-15-2022 will ensure all residential properties approved after 2022 will have Level 2 charging ports built into the property in Prince George’s County. As the number of electric vehicles in Maryland has increased from roughly 18,000 in December of 2020 to nearly 50,000 as of November of 2021, with a projection of 790,000 electric vehicles by 2030, the time to act is now. The cost for charging stations range from below $1,000, up to $4,000 per port. Thus, CB-15-2022 will not only ensure the cost of the charging ports are not passed onto our residents but will codify one of the recommendations from the county's Climate Action Plan.

Contact Us

Please keep in touch. Email us at or call 301.952.3887. Se habla Español. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @TomDernogaD1

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