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  • Rick Bergmann

Happy New Year from The News Director

Happy New Year everyone! It’s hard to believe but in August of 2024, I will have been the news director for 11 years. The Beltsville News and Beltsville community has seen a lot of changes in those 11 years. We’ve lost several friends like Baker Bill, Scout Master Gary Bauchan, longtime treasurer Evelyn Adkins, 25 Years Ago writer Brother Phil, Jim Butcher, and many more. We’ve survived a pandemic and everything that came along with that. We’ve seen long-time businesses like Behnke’s Nursery, TJ’s of Calverton and Old Line Bistro close their doors but we’ve seen many new businesses come in and take their place. There have been new community groups and non-profits such as Resident’s for a Better Beltsville, Beltsville Community Cats, and UpStage Artists. Beltsville has changed a lot since August of 2013.

            The Beltsville News has also changed. We became an online presence with our website and social media accounts, we have added several new columns including Tech Sense and Jason’s Jive, we have given space to Joey West, a young man and budding cartoonist, to showcase his artwork, and we have covered hundreds of local events. Beginning this month, we are also adding a new column, Ask The Expert by Andre Gibson of Champion Home Improvements. This is a monthly home improvement column. We are excited to see what’s next!

            Although change can be hard and frightening sometimes, it is inevitable. We don’t move forward without change. We don’t find and experience new things without change. We don’t learn from and engage with new people without change. So, here’s to looking forward to a wonderful 2024 filled with joy and prosperity, even if it means there is a little change in our lives.

Happy New Year,

Rick Bergmann

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