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Kitty Post: Declawing A Cat is Cruel By Sallie Rhodes

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Declawing a Cat Is Cruel!

Adopting a cat can come with challenges. One big challenge is controlling scratching behavior. In the past, declawing surgery was the go-to to keep cats from destroying furniture or scratching owners. Unfortunately, declawing is an excruciatingly painful procedure that causes lasting psychological and physical harm to cats.

Declawing involves the amputation of the first knuckles of the cat’s digits. This removes the claw and the tendons used to flex the claw. This would be like amputating the tips off all your fingers so you would no longer need to trim your fingernails.

Studies show that common side effects of declawing include long-term pain in the paws, increased biting, and possibly a decreased use of the litterbox. Declawed kitties may have a hard time walking or running for the rest of their lives due to soreness in their paws. Likewise, the natural behaviors of scratching or even stretching may cause pain. Permanent temperament changes have resulted in some owners abandoning their cats, surrendering them to shelters, or having them euthanized. Beltsville Community Cats commends Austin, Texas, for recently outlawing this cruel elective procedure.

Several easy alternatives are available to cat owners wanting to avoid causing pain to their feline friends. First, ensure your cat has easy access to scratching posts or boards. Most cats will seek these rather than furniture. Trim your cats’ claws regularly to help prevent damage to furniture or skin. Consider purchasing Sticky Paws or Furniture Scratch Guards. Some people use products like SoftPaws which are small plastic caps that adhered to a cat’s claws.

Most pet owners strive to give their pets the best life possible. Unnecessary and painful surgeries should be at the top of the list of things to avoid. With the alternatives now available, you can share your home with your feline friends with as little frustration as possible, and all the love you can give!

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