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Solving the Challenge of Math Class This School Year

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(StatePoint) Math can be one of the toughest subjects to conquer, even in a typical school year. In today’s unusual learning environment, new challenges are presenting themselves to teachers and students alike. Here is how you can help your child make the grade in math, no matter where their learning is taking place:

1. Use online resources: For distance-learners, (or students who would like to reinforce math concepts at home) free online educational resources can supplement formal instruction. One unique site providing remote-learning support to educators, parents and teachers is Casio Cares. The site features free software, math lessons for K through 12 and live webinars, as well as provides a web-based calculation tool that supports the curriculum of grade levels 6 through college. Visit to access these tools and learn more.

2. Encourage tailored learning: Leaning into the strengths of online learning can help your student make the most of this atypical school year. While online tools like webinars, instructional videos and activities may not provide the same type of interaction as an in-person classroom experience, they do have some clear advantages: such tools appeal to digital natives, can be tailored to individual needs, offer opportunities for self pacing and can be revisited again and again as needed.

3. Get equipped: Be sure your student is equipped with a calculator well-suited to the curriculum. The affordable scientific calculators and graphing calculators available from Casio feature hundreds of functions, as well as high-definition, three dimensional displays, helping students visualize mathematical concepts for a better grasp of the material. Tutorials offering in-depth instructions for using different calculator features are available online, and can expand your child’s capabilities.

Remote and hybrid learning come with different challenges than regular classroom learning, especially when it comes to math class. However, new tools can help make this school year a success.

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