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The Beltsville Young At Heart Club November 2023

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Our Sept. 21 meeting surprised me. Thank you to all the volunteers who took the place of needed meeting officers for the meeting. It would have been a lot more difficult if no one had “pitched in.”

Our October 19 meeting will be a regular one with Frances Moyer entertainment, our 50/50 drawing, and a chance to pay your 2024 dues of $15.00. Maybe Shirley D. will have some trips for 2024 that we can consider signing up for. I will also need to confirm the elections of officers needed for the next 2 years. We do need a Vice-president and Asst. Treasurer to sign on. So, members, think about adding a leadership post to your resume.

Our November 16 meeting will be our anniversary potluck. We’ve been here since 1966- same place but not same time or people. Those joining us are asked to bring either a main dish or entree, side or salad, or a dessert. We always have more than enough food, so no one goes home hungry. Be at the meeting at 10:00 am, instead of 10:30, so we can set everything up. We will also decide what to do with the December 21 meeting since it will be so close to Christmas.

And remember. “A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, just like life itself.” M. Sarton

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