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The Latest News from Senator Rosapepe's Office: December 2020

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Thanks to all who voted this year! Jim Rosapepe, Joseline Peña-Melnyk, and Alejandra Melnyk at High Point High School, a drop-off and election day voting location.

Thanks to all who voted this year!

Whether you voted by mail and used the post office, or dropped your ballot off, or voted in-person early or on election day, you helped keep our democracy strong. The Delegates and I realize that the complexit6y of the alternatives were sometimes confusing and we'll be working to learn from the 2020 election to make it better in 2022.

Help for Beltsville Restaurants: December 18th Deadline

The County will be providing grants up to $25,000 to restaurants to winterize their setting, add interior social distancing renovations, and PPP. Applications are due on December 18th. Please make sure your favorite locally-owned restaurant knows about this opportunity and encourage them to apply for funding ASAP.

Help with your Pepco bill

Pepco is asking all customers who are facing financial hardship due to COVID-19 to contact them now and make arrangements. If you are past due on your power bill, please contact the company at 202.833.7500 or as soon as possible. Energy assistance also is available for limited-income customers. In Maryland, Pepco customers can apply for energy assistance through the Maryland Department of Human Services by calling the Office of Home Energy Programs at 800.332.6347.

Do you or friends need help getting unemployment benefits?

If you have still not gotten your unemployment insurance, please let us know. Email us at We will contact the right people in the Department of Labor and do everything we can to get your money ASAP.

Merry Christmas!

My wife Sheilah joins me in wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and great New Year!

Contact us

Please let me know if there are other issues you have questions or thoughts about. And, of course, feel free to be in touch if I can be of help to you. Just email

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