Santa Tour 2017

November 26, 2017


Santa Claus has confirmed his route with the Beltsville Volunteer Fire Department! Santa will begin his routes around 6:30 to 7 pm. Santa wanted to pass on a few tips so his trip to Beltsville can be enjoyable for everyone involved:







~If you meet Santa at the intersections listed below on the schedule, he will be able to meet more children and see more of Beltsville.
~Always use caution when visiting Santa. Please pay attention to the fire apparatus and stay out of the street.
~Sometimes Santa runs behind schedule by a couple of minutes, so be patient. He will follow the schedule as close as possible.
~Have fun and make sure you know what you want for Christmas!

Thursday December 7, 2017
Evans Trail
Blueridge @ Pocono Place
Shenandoah @ Blueridge
Cherry Hill Rd. (in front) 
Major Denton @ Cherry Hill Court
Townley Apartments
Cherry Mill Drive @ Cherry Tree Ct.
Collier @ Powder Mill Rd.
Cherryvale @ Weeping Willow
Cherryvale @ Cherryvale Terr.
Sellman @ Weymouth
Ulster @ Woodbine
Sellman @ Dresden
Sellman @ Hillwood Ct


Saturday December 9, 2017
Lighthouse @ Beltsville Drive
Beltsville Drive @ Beltsville Rd 
Forestview @ Christine
Chapel View @ Craiglawn
Craiglawn @ Paca
Calverton @ Greenmount
Beltsville Rd @ Bellvue St
Greenmount @ Dunnington
Ronehill @ Castleleigh
Ingleside @ Blairmore
Dunnington @ Oriole 
Stonehall @ Taney
Dunnington @ Key
Ivy @ Susquehanna
Wellford @ Dunnington
Harbour Town Dr
Briggs Chaney @ Myrtle Ave
Castle Pines 
Old Gunpowder Spur 
Monday December 11, 2017
Indian Creek St. @ Lime Tree Way
Hockberry Way @ Hammett St.
Old Baltimore Pike @ BrewerRd.
Brewer Rd. @ Cordwall Dr.
Odell Rd. @ Old Baltimore Pike
Odell Farms Ct. @ Barkwood Ct.
Odell Rd. @ Ellington Dr.
Snowden Woods 
West Lock
Lighthouse Dr. @ Ashcroft Dr.
Clocktower Ln. @ Admiral Dr.
Boulder Dr. @ Cap Ct. 
Boulder Dr. @ Trade Wind Terr.
Summer Grove Dr. @ Hickory Grove Ct.
Summer Grove Dr. @ Poplar Grove Ct.


Wednesday December 13, 2017
Old Muirkirk @ Muirkirk Rd.
Old Muirkirk @ Longwood Dr,
Longwood Dr. @ Cailen Ct.
Longwood Dr. @ Belmar Ct.
Stanmore Dr. @ Breyers Pl.
Stanmore Dr. @ Blue Pond Terr.
Sullivan Ct. @ Burdette Way
Longwood Dr. @ Pawling Way
Longwood Dr. @ Loughborough Pl.
Longwood Dr. @ Blue Pointe Ave.
Alloway Ln. @ Northhampton Dr.
Northhampton Dr. @ Crossfield Dr.
Brickyard Development 
Gordon Ave @ Blackpool Dr.
Gordon Ave @ Flash St.
Franklin St. @ Flash St.
Franklin St. @ Franklin Terr.
Franklin St. @ Ammendale Rd.
Ammendale Rd. @ Holly Tree
North Lincoln @ Vergie St.


Friday December 15, 2017
Garove @ Hennessey Dr.
Indigo @ Barbara Dr.
Longhorn @ West View Ct.
Montgomery Place @ Montgomery Ct.
Montgomery Rd. @ Kenny St.
Kenny St. @ 34th Place
35th Pl. @ Yates Rd.
35th Pl. @ Sarasota Pl.
Montgomery Rd. @ Forreston Rd.
Forreston Rd. @ Stephen Ln.
Cedar Ln. @ Cedar Ct.
Howard Rd. @ Home Acres Terr.


Sunday December 17, 2017
Prince George’s Ave. @ Wicomico Ave.
Howard Rd. @ Queen Anne Ave.
Rhode Island Ave. @ Garrett Rd.
Odell Rd. @ Lexington Ave.
Manheim Ave. @ Caroline Ave.
Queen Anne Ave. @ Naples Ave.
Olympia Ave. @ Carroll Ave.
Lincoln Ave. @ Theresa St.
Quimby Ave. @ Carroll St.
Amelia St. @ Apex Ln.
Chesnut Grove @ Heartwood Rd.
Knott St. @ Wandering Oak Way
Roby Ave @ Macon Ave
Caverly Ave @ Caverly Pl.
Pines St. @ Maple Pl.
Caverly @ Greenwood Rd.
Greenwood Rd. @ Emack Rd.


Tuesday December 19, 2017
Ammendale Way @ Long Feather Ct.
Ammendale Way @ Clear Brooke Ct.
Ammendale Way @ Narrow Trail Terr.
Ammendale Way @ Horse Soldier Pl.
Ammendale Way @ Ammendale Rd.
Ammendale Rd. @ Hawk Ridge Ct.
Saquoia Ln. @ Saquioa Terr.
Saquoia Ln. @ Saquoia Pl.
Ammendale Rd. @ Hidden Brooke Ct.


Thursday December 21, 2017
Cedar Ln. @ Yates Rd.
Brandon Ln. @ Francis Dr.
Emack Rd. @ Dorset Ln.
Montgomery Rd. @ Cedar Ln.
Yates Rd. @ Garrett Ave.
Howard Rd. @ Cardinal Ave.
Brandon Rd. @ West Caroline
Worchester Ave. @ Yucca St.
Yucca St. @ Josephine Ave.
Brandon Ln. @ Howard Ave.
Montgomery Rd. @ 43rd Ave.
Usange St. @ 45th Ave.
Tonquil Pl. @ 44th Ave.
Tonquil St. @ 45th Ave.
45th Ave. @ Samar St.
Romlin St. @ 44th Ave.


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