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News Director: Rick Bergmann

Rick is a native of Beltsville. He is a graduate of High Point High School and the University of MD, College Park. He currently teaches writing at Paint Branch High School in Burtonsville. 

Advertising Manager/Business Manager: Ted Ladd

Ted has lived in the Beltsville Community for many years and has served in various roles at the Beltsville News. He is a very active Member of the Beltsville Lions Club.  Click here to find out more about our advertising and click on his name to email him directly.

Social Media Coordiantor/Staff Photographer: Mariah McKenzie

Mariah is a junior at the University of Maryland in College Park studying marketing and operations management. She currently runs the Youth Opportunity Outreach Program, which is sponsored by the Beltsville Lions Club. Her interests include graphic design, photography and writing. 

Copy Editor: Bryant Davis

Bryant is known by some as the most interesting man in Beltsville (although we think he gave himself this title). He has worked as a Professor of English and Technical Writing at Montgomery College Germantown Campus since 1992.

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