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The Beltsville News is an all-volunteer community newspaper that is published to inform and strengthen the
community of Beltsville. The content is focused on Beltsville and the paper is mail-delivered to each
household and business in town. It is well read throughout the community. The paper is published once a month near the first day of the month.

The circulation of 14,000 reaches every home and business in Beltsville, as previously noted, and some 3,500 copies are also delivered to area churches, schools, community centers, the library, and local businesses. The total number of such area outlets currently stands at 50.

The standard cost of a display ad is $8 per column inch. A column inch is defined as being one column
(2 inches) wide and one inch long. An easy way to calculate cost is to multiple the square inches in a proposed ad by $4, keeping in mind that the ad must be an even number of inches wide (up to 10 inches). Pages are ten inches wide and 14 inches long. See below for sample sizes and applicable costs.

A contract rate of $7.50 per column inch is offered for those agreeing to advertise for 12 consecutive months. (Multiply square inches by $3.75)

Materials 8 and 1/2 x 11 inches or smaller may be inserted into the paper as a cost of $250 for the mailed
copies. For information, call 301.937.6796.

Cost is $4.00 for up to 20 words. Add 10 cents for each word over 20. Telephone number counts as one word. Send ad and check to Ted Ladd, 11722 Emack Road, Beltsville, MD 20705. For information call Ted Ladd at 301.937.6706 or e-mail

Red may be incorporated into an ad at an extra cost of $25.00 for one-half page or less and $50 for more than one half page.

Call Ted Ladd at 301.937.6796 or e-mail


A full page (10 inches wide and 14 inches long) costs $560. The contract rate is $525.
A half page (10 inches wide and 7 inches long) costs $289. The contract rate is $262.50

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