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Duckworth Challenge Day 2017

How was Friday, May 19, different from every other Friday at Duckworth? It was our annual Challenge Day, and the staff, students, and peer coaches were ready to work toward a common goal: that each student performs at his/her personal best.

The opening ceremonies began with the parade of athletes ushered in by School Principal Mrs. Yolanda Cosby. Musical accompaniment was provided by the Buck Lodge Middle School Band with teacher Emily Busch conducting. As the students entered the gym, the audience cheered them on. The colors were presented by the Takoma Park Police Department and the JROTC from Atholton High School. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by June graduate Shari Travers, who also lit the torch to begin the games after Honorary Head Coach Trish Miles declared “Let the games begin.”

Then it was out to the different venues that included hockey, basketball, bowling, baton relay, soccer, cycling, volleyball, obstacle course, gymnastics, and more. The athletes were cheered on by family, friends, and community members as well as assisted by their peer coaches from Beltsville Adventist, Spencerville Adventist, and John Nevins Andrews schools.

The day truly was a celebration and would not have been made possible without the help of the mentors, our hard working Parent Teacher Organization, and our community partners from Apartment Office and Building Association and the Knights of Columbus. The event was proof that it does take a village, and Beltsville can be proud that such events happen right in the community.

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