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Jason's Jive: July 2018

Welcome! This is a new column for The Beltsville News. The Jive dates back to my earlier years as a journalist based in the Eastern Caribbean island of St. Kitts-Nevis (population of 40,000). The column was written weekly to touch on general interest issues. I am hoping that as I introduce “Jason's Jive” to you that it is a column you can relate to.

Let me introduce myself formally. My name is Jason Inanga, a resident of Beltsville since late 2007.

Beltsville! What is it that has made people fall in love with this town and settle here? I spoke to a few residents, and their feedback was very interesting.

Reia has lived in Beltsville for the past five years. She says, “I like that it's peaceful and close to bigger towns. I would like to see the educational systems and infrastructure, e.g. roadways, improved.”

Here is another perspective. Anita has lived in Beltsville for the past 12 years. For her, the positives about living in Beltsville are it is affordable, is close to major highways, has convenient shopping malls, and is close to major cities for job opportunities and offers good educational support for kids. She added, “I love the availability of neighborhood parks and the feeling of community brought about by annual events like Beltsville Night Out, Beltsville Day, the Fire Station Open House, and others.” Anita would like to see the creation of community gardens and increased public safety.

I also spoke to Jasline, who says what she has enjoyed the most about living in Beltsville for the past ten years is the proximity to everything (the highways – 95, 200, 29). In the brief conversation with “Jason's Jive,” she said, “We are near to Baltimore and DC. I also enjoy being close to trails and recreation centers. My daughters take classes at Fairland, and it has been a positive experience.” The downside for her is the increase in the number of crimes in her neighborhood. “I am not sure what the cause is,” she added.

Ironically, the local law enforcement has recently appealed to residents to become more proactive in reducing the increase in crime (please read the article from the police in this issue).

So what is it that has made you choose to live in Beltsville? It could be for some of the same reasons listed above or something totally different. Whatever has brought you to Beltsville, thank you for making an excellent choice. Let us build the spirit of community, looking out for our neighbors, especially the elderly in our midst. Let us take care of our community.

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