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Jason's Jive March 2020

Let me get straight into things. Life in Texas is so much fun and busy. I have seen a lot and continue to learn. The weekend of February 16, I was in downtown Dallas ubering, and the passenger in the back turned excitedly to his female companion and pointed out a spot on the road and said, “That is the specific spot where JFK was shot.” I was in a state of disbelief and said to him that I drive past there all the time but never knew that part of history. So how much of the history of your environment do you know? How much of Beltsville do you know? It will be interesting to find out which was the first street in Beltsville...the first school...the first store...the post office...the first bank. If you have any of this information, please send me a text to 301.323.5802, and maybe I can get that information from you and do a whole article on it. I stand to be corrected, but I think where the current library and police station are located used to be a school.

Texas weather!!! It is insane here with the weather. At times I have to remind myself I am not in England or the Netherlands. It can be hot one day and the next day very cold. It is amazing to see people bring out heavy winter-type clothing for 40-degree weather. The rain is cool but the tornadoes.... We had a bad one in October 2019. I remember it was a weekend, I had been ubering, and about 8 pm I decided to leave the Dallas Lovefield Airport area and head home. I got home in an hour only to hear on the news that a tornado touched down in that same area and wreaked havoc. Some homes and businesses are still shut or boarded up.

I thought Maryland drivers were bad. I thought I had seen it all working in West Baltimore, but the drivers here are bad. The way they switch lanes.... I almost got hit last Sunday. I was driving downtown, and I was on a one-way street. The car in the middle lane decided it is best to wait till I am almost next to him to make a right turn. The same thing is done on the highway except it is done at an entirely different speed.

Life is interesting. I turn 50 years old this year, and so do a lot of my peers from grade school and high school. It is hard to believe that we are at a point where we are making that age turn in life. In a few years, we will be 60 years old.... Where has time gone?

I just spoke with a friend on the weekend. She is based in England, and the last time we saw or spoke, we were in our mid-teens.

Her daughter just launched a fashion blog and has a few videos on YouTube. I can’t get over the fact that she now has grown-up daughters. I checked the website and love a video where she goes to a fast food drive-thru and orders the exact thing ordered by the car ahead of them. Visit the site

Let me wrap up now. Going to fry some plantains to add to my lunch. Have a great month!

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