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  • Ted Ladd

Beltsville News: Blast from the Past July 2024

King is Highest Performing Middle School in Latin in the U.S.

(From the Beltsville News issue of July1999)

Ms. Christine Brogan, Latin Club Sponsor at MLK, Jr. Middle School in Beltsville, said that once again MLK is the highest achieving middle school in the U.S. The occasion was the May 26. 1999 National Junior Classical League ( NJCL) induction ceremony for 13 King students. Jennifer Brown, Emily Crowley, Oyemade Fasakin, Christie Fink, Laura Fisher, Linda Huynh, Allycia Linstrom, James Murray, Dana Pinchotti, Kristi Reule, Katherine Scally, Tanya Schmoeger and Steven Secures are the inductees who joined the NJCL membership extended to 50,000 students annually in the U.S. and abroad. To qualify for membership these students maintained a year-round average of 96% or better in Latin, were members in good standing of the MLK Jr. Latin Club and the NJCL, and exemplified good citizenship.

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