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Jason's Jive April 2023 By Jason Inanga

Communication has changed in recent times. I recently went to an establishment to eat and observed around me, there was a table with some young people, possibly in their early 20’s. Seemingly awaiting their food order being fulfilled, all of them had their heads buried in their phones. From where I sat, I could see some texting while others appeared to be reading stuff online. Made me wonder to myself, when we were that age, we had no cell phones, so when one went out with friends, there was always a lot of chatter, based on the conversation topic. What is the fun in going out to dine and instead of having a conversation, folks are engaged in technology?

On the flip side, I have also been told that in some homes, when it is mealtime, all electronic devices are placed in a receptacle, so that there is no intrusion and that quality social time is spent, while dining.

Do young people even know how to start a conversation with other people, in specific settings? I guess I grew up differently. I will talk. I step into an elevator, and I exchange pleasantries. I might start a lil conversation or say something motivational. Just try and leave people in a better place.

Spring is finally here, in Dallas. I am very excited as I am doing a little garden project. I got two blackberry slips from Walmart and have planted them on my flower bed to the front. I am being optimistic about my success as I had to dig deep so that the roots have space to go. The soil here is full of a lot of clay. I want to believe that the roots will have time to travel and spread and that I can harvest my blackberries, eventually.

Life happens. My little girl, whom I carried as a baby, turns 18 later this year and will be off to college to follow her dreams. Reality has actually hit me that I am old (er). Thank God that my wife has been able to provide the motherly leadership to get her to where she is. She cooks, bakes, and braids her hair on her own and lots more. I thank God for what we have been able to see her do and like many other parents, we will wish our young people peace and blessings as they prepare for graduation and transition into College or the Military. Take the time to speak to any young people you interact with and give them some advice and words of encouragement. It still takes a village, to raise a child.

I recently had a scare at Lovefield Airport. I was outdoors in the parking lot, arranging freight in my work van. We were under a tornado watch and without any notice, the air got very cold real quick as if someone had opened a freezer and a cold blast of air swept by. Almost immediately the wind started to pick up really fast and the tornado sirens were going off really loud. I joined others in sprinting to the terminal and once inside, we were ushered to the basement of the airport, where we sought shelter. We were there for about forty minutes wondering what was going on upstairs as we could hear wind banging on the side of the building close to us. Eventually, an Airport Operations Supervisor came with a bullhorn and said we had been given an all-clear to return to what we were doing. We found out later that one tornado touched down on I 30 South, while another one may have touched down closer to the airport, near Highland Park area. This was a stark reminder that all the technology in the world cannot outsmart nature. We had to let nature take its course. So please, when you hear about tornadoes and hurricanes and other natural scenarios, let us always keep in prayer, for those that have nowhere to shelter and have to witness the direct impact. Living in the Caribbean, I have had my own share of hurricanes. I don’t mind hurricanes…I cannot stand the clean up afterward.

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