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Jason's Jive May 2024

Updated: May 29

On March 4, 2024, Brian “Bizzle” Chase, took off from Miami on flight AA 2580, headed for St. John’s, Antigua. He was not a passenger or First Officer. He was Captain of this American Airlines flight. Captain Chase agreed to share with Jason’s Jive, a look back at that day.

Permit me to acknowledge his sister, Timmi Samuel, whom I have known since 1995. She posted the story on a social media page and that is how I was able to reach out to her brother.


March 4, you flew and landed in Antigua, your country of birth. What was that experience like? When you saw the schedule, what was the first thing you did or thought of? Who was the first person you mentioned it to?

March 4th, 2024, I landed an American Airlines Boeing 737 as a Captain from The Island of Antigua a first to be done by on that particular aircraft and Airline.  The experience was bittersweet I was excited, overjoyed felt a sense of pride happiness but was sad at the same time because I wish my late mother would have been there to witness it, she always spoke it into existence God Bless her soul. However, I was extremely thankful my father (Winston Chase) was able to witness it. First thing I thought about is that my Late Mother (Bernadine Tally Chase) God Bless her soul would have been extremely overjoyed of yet a great accomplishment. She was alive when I brought the first flight for American Airlines after the covid had closed the airport in Antigua. That flight reopened the Airport to Air Travel from the United States and American was one of the first to do it and she was so proud of the moment. The first person I mentioned it (AA 2580) to, that I was doing the flight on March 4th, 2024,  was my Father.


You always wanted to be a pilot. What will you say to a little person who may have watched you land the plane, and they have aspirations to fly like you one day? You are now an inspiration to many youth...what would you advise high school students to do in terms of prep for a career in aviation?

I would always say if this is what you truly want to do. It can be accomplished. Never give up. I got my pilots license 22 years ago and there were some very tough times. The easiest thing to do is give up but tough times don't last, tough people do. My high school students, this is the time to get focused and stay locked in on your studies. Stay away from the drugs, smoking and all illegal activities and stay focused and locked in if this is truly your goal. Also suggest going on Google search up what is it like to be a pilot, search what are some of the things I should be reading? And just do it if you can get ahead by reading a chapter or two or even just studying for a private pilot written exam, that would be the way to go.


Have you flown to any other Caribbean island? If so, which one (s)?

Funny you should ask. To date I have been to every Caribbean island except a few. I have flown from the Bahamas, Cuba all the way down to Trinidad and Tobago. I recently completed my Caribbean map when I landed in Bonaire. That was the only Caribbean island I didn't go to, but it finally got done in 2023.


Apart from Antigua, what destination do you have on your bucket list to fly to?

Japan is number one on my bucket list Spain, France and Greece are some top places on my bucket list.


Air travel in the Caribbean is now a challenge with the absence of a major air carrier. Do you see us ever getting out of this situation?

Yes, we will. We have a few options in the mix Caribbean Airlines, InterCaribbean, Winair and Silver airways are all in the mix I think we will be alright.


What other airlines have you flown for and what type of aircraft?

Carib Aviation- Twin Otter -DHC-6 (June 2006 to September 2008), LIAT 1974 LTD.  DASH 8 100 & 300 Series - (Sept 2008-April 2014), US Airways Express/American Eagle - CRJ 200/700/900 Series (April 2014-October 2019) and American Airlines Inc. BOEING 737

(October 2019 to Present) Captain Chase, or Bizzle, as he is known in Antigua said “…I also want to take time out to thank all my fellow Antiguan and Barbudans. The outpouring of love and kind words means a lot and for that am grateful. March 4th, 2024, was a great day.  For that I say thank you. To all my followers and supporters around the world I say thank you for all your kind words and for your support. For my entire flight crew who assisted me on flight AA2580 thank you.”

So, my dear reader, if you are ever on an American Airlines flight and you hear his name come over the PA system welcoming you on board, be sure to let him know, AFTER the flight, that you ‘met’ him on Jason’s Jive.  Pose for a picture or two with him and if you do social media, Facebook, you can follow him there.  Space limitations will not allow me to post photographs, but please look him up on Facebook and be sure to leave a comment for him.

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