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Jason's Jive August 2023 By Jason Inanga

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

New Property Tax Credit for senior citizens

In 2009, we helped pass a state law allowing the County to cut property taxes for senior citizens, starting at age 65.

We’re pleased to report that Councilmen Tom Dernoga and his colleagues voted to use this law to create a new tax credit for seniors (65 and over) if they’ve lived in their home for at least ten years and its value is no more than $500,000.

The first deadline to apply is October 1, 2023. For more information go to or call the County’s Treasury service at 301-952-4030.

New Senior Housing Assistance Pilot Program Launches July 28

The Prince George’s County Council enacted Council Bill 42-2023, the Senior Housing Assistance Pilot Program Act. This bill provides financial assistance in the form of a one-time rent payment, mortgage payment or property tax payment.

To be eligible, residents must be 65 years or older, have lived in the County for at least 5 years, and have an income equivalent to or less than the 40% AMI. Additional information can be found by contacting your County Councilmember. The bill will go into effect on July 28, 2023.

WSSC is Helping County Residents Get Current

WSSC’s Amnesty Program has been extended to July 31. Act now to find out if you are eligible for late fee waivers and bill credits. Visit for more information.

COVID Call Center Services

MDGOVAX Call Center Services are transitioning to 2-1-1 Maryland. Marylanders can still receive information and referrals regarding COVID-19 resources by calling 2-1-1 or texting your zip code to 898 211.

Beltsville Community Center Offers Adult Classes

The Beltsville Community Center is nestled in a wooded area with a walking trail; workout room; soccer and baseball fields; as well as a children’s playground. Adults of all ages can enjoy classes throughout the year. For those who want to keep moving, a sampling of the classes includes Tai Chi, Judo (beginner and advanced), Yoga and Zumba. For more information call (301) 937-6613.

Legal Assistance Available for Veterans

The Homeless Persons Representation Project, Inc (HPRP) offers legal assistance for homeless or low-income veterans with service-connected ability benefits, non-service-connected pensions, and discharge upgrades. Learn more about HPRP’s programs and services by calling 410-685-6589.

Contact me

Please let me know if there are other issues you have questions or thoughts about. And, of course, feel free to be in touch if I can be of help to you. Just email or call 410-841-3141.

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