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Jason's Jive July 2020

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

My first tornado experience in October 2019 in Dallas was scary. I had just left the vicinity of the Dallas Love Field Airport, headed home. The time was after 8 pm on a Saturday. It took an hour to get home, and apparently not too long after I departed the area, a tornado touched down and hit that area really bad. I was blessed to have escaped narrowly. Seeing the destruction the next day made me realize that life can change in a matter of seconds. Some buildings are still boarded up many months after.

Now the sad news, very sad. A friend whom I met in Beltsville when I used to play volleyball is missing her two Akita dogs, nine-month-old sisters. The dogs ran out from their property in the Crownsville area (near Annapolis) and have been missing since June 4. The family is heartbroken over the missing dogs and have even put up a reward of $1,000 for information leading to their safe return. If you happen to see the dogs, kindly call 240.338.8684. Thanks a lot.

Some good news. In May, a childhood friend of mine (also my medical doctor when I lived in Beltsville) hosted a little graduation token for her daughter, Dami. They live in Mitchellville. Due to COVID-19, all the activities planned for the graduating class got cancelled. Her mother, Doctor Yemisi, decided to do something special. The family contacted a saxophonist ( to serenade her. Video clips were posted online to share with family and friends, and the whole thing went viral in days, making it as far as The Shade Room, a popular social media outlet. Look him up and you will see clips of Connell, whom I was able to interview on the story. He is now in demand, so if you see him playing at an event in the DMV, you can tell him you read about him in The Beltsville News.

I am looking forward to this weekend. The daughter of another childhood friend, who lives not too far from me in Dallas, turns 10 years old this weekend. Apart from baking and making fresh lemonade (20 limes for $1 at the International Store), I will be on the grill. This is exciting! I get first takes on the barbeque. I will try to leave some food for the others. It is a small gathering, so social distancing will be in effect.

I am hoping I can visit Beltsville before the end of the year. Still trying to decide if I want to drive 1,330 miles in 20 hours one way or fly. I cannot wait to see familiar faces at church and work, but also, I will get to eat at Sardis and Chicken Camponero (located near the new Washington Adventist Hospital) and of course Wawa. Will also do The Jerk Pit on Route 1 for Caribbean food. Beltsville has some great eating places.

Time to wrap up. I must remind you to stay safe, stay healthy, and be nice to someone today. By the way, my garden is great. Been harvesting my tomatoes, got a pepper to pick, and hopefully my neighbor can get control of their cat that has been digging and destroying my plants.

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