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Jason's Jive March 2022 By Jason Inanga

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Happy New Year! Let me get straight into it. From March, I am going to start a slight change to this column and will feature very brief interviews with people of interest. Just to add to your Jive experience. I won’t say too much about this but will say that it will be interesting.

Recently, in Dallas, Texas, we had snow. Was an interesting experience. It rained the day before and many places closed early, as the low temperatures caused the roads to be slippery and icy, and out here, the roads are not treated as good as they do in Maryland. People wanted to get home early. The next day we had the snowfall, and the roads were empty. People for the most part stayed home. Texan have grown to respect the weather, ever since the February 2021 snow experience.

As I write, we are getting ready for another bout of snow weather and panic buying has begun. Macaroni seems to be the new product. It is not uncommon to see the shelves empty in places like Walmart.

This month I had a great challenge – driving for 40 minutes with a drunk passenger, just after the Superbowl. Had the time of my life, using my people skill to stay sane, while he babbled on about football, raising teenage children and then not driving after drinking, He was proud to share that he had 3 DWI or is it DUI. Folk PLEASE, do not drink and drive. It is not safe and also not fair to others, including your family and loved ones. That drink of alcohol may cost ten dollars or less, but the damage from the effect of that, could easily run into hundreds of dollars.

Still on ride share experiences, I recently met a young unassuming man. He was en route to the airport, with Las Vegas as his destination In a brief conversation, it turned out he’s a Country Musician, Austin Tolliver. Please look him up on Youtube – he is good. If you care to comment on his videos, kindly let him know you first read about him here. I plan to feature him in a brief interview in the coming months. Interestingly his manager is from Baltimore, Maryland.

This is going to be a short one, but from March, look for some real interesting information. Will be a nice mix . Hopefully I can get to visit Beltsville this summer, now the Cicadas are gone. I definitely was not going to mess with those insects last year, after hearing stories and seeing pictures of them.

Happy 50th birthday to my dear wife of over, 21 years, Vincentia Inanga. She is a February baby. She is a gem to have put up with me all these years, lol. We are blessed with three wonderful children and now they are all teenagers, it is even more fun, spending time with them, having conversations on global issues among other things. Spend time with your children and grandchildren and talk with them and you will be amazed at what they know – current affairs, sports, religion, economics and more. Had the joy of teaching my oldest son how to drive and now I am fighting to face reality that next month, I started teaching my 16-year-old daughter how to drive. Where has time gone? Just the other day they were babies. I remember driving home in the car with them from Sibley Memorial Hospital in DC to Beltsville. I remember the fear on my face when my wife was in labor with our first child, and I could not bear to see her in all that labor pain. Let us love and appreciate our wives and mothers, as for sure I know men cannot go through such experiences. That’s the Jive – see you next month.

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