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Jason's Jive November 2021 By Jason Inanga

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Wow! A bicycle for over $5, 100. Yes, I was as startled as you are. I took my son’s bicycle to a shop near my house to get some repairs done. While inside, I was walking around admiring the bicycles, till I saw that price tag, and then some less expensive ones for $2, 000. What on earth would make someone by a bicycle for that amount of money? I was stunned and the store clerk told me, people come and buy those all the time. I will not judge anyone – that is cash for a used car in many states.

Something different now. I have worked in the supply chain industry for over 21 years with one of the big 3. Do not wait till december to order christmas gifts or ship stuff. Try and get all that done no later than the first week of december. The shipping volumes are going to be massive this year, and at the end of the day, you are left to deal with human beings processing and delivering, as well as limitations of equipment. I cannot go into details, just please plan early.

Back to normal! I wish I could share pictures of my garden with you. I am doing just flowers this year and for the first time in my life, I have had a battle growing my zinnias and marigolds. Beyond that, the rest of the garden looks great. My water bill will not be great as there was a day this month I left my sprinkler on and fell asleep, and four hours later, I woke up and realized what I had done. Please do not tell my wife. I am quietly going to pay the utility bill ahead of the billing cycle, so that the bill looks normal when it comes in…lol. The things we do, out of love. It is better than a time I had to cook over a pot of rice, and hide the damaged rice… (yes I did say damaged rice, lol). The spout of the salt container gave way and a lot of salt got into the pot of rice. I quickly drained the pot and threw the rice grains into the garbage, and took the bag out into the large garage garbage container -- that was well over 10 years ago, so she won’t remember now.

So how have you my dear reader been? How is Beltsville? I was hoping to visit this month, but had to make last minute changes to my schedule as I was unable to get my car road worthy for the 1330-mile drive. It normally would take me 18 hours, and that is with making three stops to refuel and take a forty-five-minute nap. Also, I eat some organic sea moss, about three or four tablespoons and that helps to keep me alert. I love to drive as there is so much to see and appreciate driving through different states. The people you meet along the way are fun and the stories you hear can be hilarious. Back to Beltsville. I really miss the town and I am anxious to see all the changes that have taken place.

My work in Dallas is going well. I recently was moved from my route again. I initially started downtown Dallas in 2019 when I transferred and after a few weeks, I was moved to Irving/Fortworth, near the massive American Airlines Corporate Campus. After almost two years of that, I was moved to Irving (by the Toyota Music Factory) and then Southlake (a real wealthy part of Dallas) and now it appears my new ‘home’ is around Dallas Lovefield Airport. I love the new route. It gets busy and the child in me pops out when I see the airplanes landing and taking off. My childhood dream was to be a pilot, but after falling out with my Physics Teacher, things changed. (He tried to punish me for talking in class and I refused to do the punishment. Even when the culprit owned up, he insisted he heard my voice. I was a rebellious 13-year-old. The African culture is different. Let me leave it at that.). I see all sorts of private jets and sometimes I am in awe. You see the high net worth individuals drive up to their private jets, board and fly out. If you are ever in the Southwest Airlines baggage claim are around 8 p.m. and you see a tall dark man in a FedEx Express uniform pulling a dolly to go grab bags from the Southwest baggage room, please feel free to wave and say hello. The DCA and BWI flights are usually on the ground around that time. And on a final note, if you are ever in Dallas – try a meal at Whataburger or In N Out (get the animal fries…they are great). That’s the Jive!

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