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Jason's Jive October 2022 By Jason Inanga

Texas is an interesting place. This week, a grocery chain, H.E.B opened a large store in the Frisco part of North Dallas. An unprecedented crowd showed up. Local news reports have it that the first person in the line got there at 6 p.m. the night before and waited 1 hour for the official opening. An estimated crowd of over 1500 people stood in line and the weather has not been kind to us, with temperatures hovering in the ninety-degree region. All this for a grocery store. Imagine a supermarket like Safeway opening a branch and one stands in line for many hours, just to go and shop. HEB is traditional to Texas, so there is all the excitement. I will visit one of these days but for now, I love my Walmart and EL Rancho (a Latino store).

Also on the news, this month, you would have heard about how police were tipped off about a potential shooting threat, and subsequently, two teenagers were taken into custody when they showed up to a local sports event in a car that had an automatic rifle and a handgun and plenty ammunition. They intended to shoot people at the event, in what would have been a very random premeditated massacre. If you have ever lived in Texas, high school sporting events are a big deal – hundreds of people show up in support.

Readers I have a problem with my garden, AGAIN! When I lived in Beltsville near High Point High School, I had issues with deer and my attempts to grow a garden. They would eat up all my stuff. Recently in Dallas I decided to try and do a few flowers in the front of my home, and the rabbits have decided to show up in their numbers and strip my flowers. I can never win with these animals.

As a teacher, it is a thing of pride when one sees that the time one puts in, working with the young, pays off. I type this and look back with pride to my younger days when I taught English Language and Literature in Brooklyn, New York, and in St. Kitts, where I taught 6th Formers (the equivalent of 12th grade), essay writing on current affairs. (Under the British style of education in the Caribbean, it is known as GP – General Paper). I have former students who have excelled in their respective fields. I have flown on airplanes commercially, with pilots I taught when they were little 15-year-olds. Some are medical doctors, engineers, international soccer referees, models, and much more. However, in the month of August, elections were held in St. Kitts-Nevis and the candidate from the Labor Party, won his seat and emerged as the new Prime Minister of St. Kitts-Nevis. So, I officially congratulate Prime Minister Terrence “Umi” Drew who is now the Prime Minister of the twin island federation. I taught him in 6th Form – very humble and eager to learn about other lands and places. I wish him well. He is in his mid-40’s.

This month, another student of mine, Nerys Chiverton, whom I taught as a little 15-year-old, has been appointed as the Permanent Representative of St. Kitts-Nevis to the United Nations Mission in New York. She just turned 42 years old, the day after the appointment – the perfect birthday gift.

I will wrap up with a very interesting story. Earlier this week, I had to go to my doctor for a checkup and as part of the deal, I had to fast from the night before since they would be doing lab work. As soon as I was finished at my doctor’s office, I drove two minutes to the nearest Chick Fil A, to eat a well-deserved breakfast. If you know me, I have a hair challenge that is ongoing – some describe it as baldness. Do not laugh at me. I am due for a haircut so there are visible signs of grey hair on my head and my goatee. Anyway, I order my meal and the young lady at the counter gave me a senior discount. In my mind, I could not believe that is what she thought of me. The scary part of this is knowing that in a few years, those discounts will become regular. I do not want to get older, just yet. Wish I could go back to being 30 years old…sigh Gas used to cost $1.51 a gallon back then. Have a nice safe month ahead.

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