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Jason's Jive October 2023

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

What a month! Wish I had more space. Let me try to condense all that I have this month. A Jamaican proverb says, “Wha start bad a maanin…” (please google search the full thing). Basically, if something starts bad in the morning, it typically cannot get remedied by evening. It is applied most times, in respect to human interaction.

There is a new book available, that makes very interesting reading. DC-based author and George Washington University Faculty member, Carol Mitchell has released, “What Start Bad A Mornin’ “and it is a MUST read. The novel is a Amaya Lin, (in her 40’s) a successful Caribbean immigrant who settled in Northern Virginia. She works with her husband in a law firm. Born in Jamaica, her life journey takes her through Trinidad, Washington DC and finally Northern Virginia. In the book, Amaya had an experience at 17 years old that lingers on. She has rebuilt a new version of her life but cannot be her true self until she deals with the situation at its root. There is a strong supporting list of personalities in the book: Taiwo (her 21-year-old son); Brian (her husband); Marjorie (her aunt) and Jamella (her best friend).

The book was launched in Washington DC on Sept 19 and before then was featured in Brooklyn at the Caribbean Literary Arts Festival held a few days prior. The 264-page book took five years of work and is available in print, audio and as an e-book. It is available online and at Barns and Noble, among other places.

The early hours or September 6, I got pulled over in the Frisco area of North Dallas, at about 3 am on my way home from work. The heat had done a number on the cup mount holder on my dashboard, so at a point, it apparently got loose and was going to fall over. I was listening to a program online about the Election Tribunal in Nigeria that was going to release its ruling on the February 25 election petitions. It seems my car may have drifted slightly over to the next lane, as I corrected the steering back to my lane. The only other vehicle on the road was a police car, about half a mile or more behind me. I was taking my time, doing about 35 mph in a 45-mph zone. He eventually pulled me over, explained what he had observed and asked if I was fine. Officer Thomas #3644 of the Frisco Police Department was very professional. He verified I was coming home from my job at FedEx (still had on my uniform and id). He still did the finger test to verify I was not under any influence (I had laughed in response earlier and said I don’t drink or smoke). He finished his stop and then casually asked me what I was listening to. I explained how I spent part my life in Nigeria, and I still monitor events there, same way I monitor things in Baltimore. He remarked when I said Baltimore and said he was there two weeks ago and almost got mugged at a Walmart (presume either the one in Linthicum or Glen Burnie). He had been visiting family in Frederick. As he said that, my face lit up, I pointed (very safely) at him and said, “I know you.” You pulled me over about a year ago, one night I was on University Boulevard going to Walmart to get school supplies and I had a blown headlight bulb. I reminded him about how he told me some youth had tried to randomly rob him in Downtown Baltimore. Who would have guessed, I got pulled over by the same cop, almost a year apart, within 4 miles of the same area.

We left with smiles and laughter, and I told him I would mention it in this column. He agreed. I have since posted the details on my LinkedIn Profile (Jason Inanga) and also wrote a compliment about him to his Department (they have not acknowledged yet). His stop had nothing to do with race and all that. Folks, when you get stopped, be polite and respectful. I had no problem when he asked for my license. Afterall what do I have to hide, and I am on social media? Lol

Out of space already! I got to give a shout out to Miss Angie (of the Rickey Smiley Morning Show --- a nationally syndicated radio show in the country). We just met at a charity event in the middle of the month. I had no idea I was seated next to a national media personality. She is a very warm and genuine person and I look forward to interacting with her again the weekend of September 24 when she hosts the Miss Nigeria America Pageant, which I will be covering.

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