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Kitty Post March 2022: Cats: Do's, Don'ts, and Thank-Yous By Sallie Rhodes

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Beltsville Community Cats (BCC) uses humane strategies to manage and reduce the free-roaming cat population in Beltsville. We have three programs: trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR); rescue (primarily young kittens), and colony support. In just 3 years, BCC has sterilized just under 900 community cats. About half of these kitties were adopted into forever homes through our rescue program. Had BCC not sterilized these cats, there would be tens of thousands more because unaltered cats reproduce exponentially.

To keep up this work, BCC needs the support of the local community. As we enter “kitten season”, we encourage Beltsville residents and businesses to assist in the following ways.

· If you see young kittens living outside, contact BCC immediately. We rescue kittens between 4 and 10 weeks of age; place them in foster homes, socialize them to people and living indoors; vet them (spay/neuter, vaccinate, combo test and microchip); and adopt them into forever homes.

· If you see a free-roaming cat whose left ear is not “tipped” (universal sign that a cat has been spayed/neutered), contact BCC. A volunteer will go out and assess the situation.

BCC appreciates the individuals and businesses that care about community cats. We want to thank those who feed feral colonies. If you feed often or only occasionally, BCC offers the following tips to make it easier for free-roaming cats to live in harmony with residents of and businesses in Beltsville.

· Provide fresh food and fresh daily.

· Don’t offer cats human foods (especially fast foods), as they are not good for cats.

· Don’t give cats/kittens milk as it can harm their intestines.

· Put cat dishes out of site if possible. Keep the feeding area clean. Rinse dishes regularly.

· Never leave open cat food cans laying around. Cats can get severe lacerations on their tongues that can get infected.

BCC would like to thank the many residents in Beltsville and the surrounding areas who have supported our efforts through financial donations and donated items (food, kitty litter, etc.). We would also like to extend a special thank you to the following local businesses for their generous donations.

· Patient First

· Clevenger Corporation

· Cultured Marble, Inc.

· Consumer Real Estate Title, Inc.

Report feral cats/kittens to BCC at: 240-444-8353 or

Interested in volunteering? Visit:

Consider donating. Donations are tax deductible. Visit:

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