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Kitty Post: Tips on Adopting a Kitten or Cat By Sallie Rhodes

Tips on Adopting a Kitten or Cat

While getting a new kitty can be exciting, you should consider several things when selecting a kitten/cat for your home and transitioning that kitty into its new home.

It’s easy to fall for kittens; they’re just so darned cute! But remember that kittens require more training and attention than older cats. In addition to being spayed or neutered and vaccinated, a kitten needs to be examined for illnesses common in kittens.

Whether adopting a kitten or a cat, consider its temperament. Kitties that enjoy interacting with people do well in noisy, active households. Kittens that like human attention may not do well in a house where everyone is gone during the day. Adopting two kitties that can entertain each other while everyone is away may be best in these situations.

Families with small children should carefully consider their options before selecting a kitten or cat. Young children should be instructed on how to play with a kitty. Kittens can usually adapt quickly to kids, but some cats are afraid of or simply don’t feel comfortable around children. Ask questions before you select. Many shelter and rescue websites allow you to filter your search for a pet based on gender, age, breed, and temperament. They also can provide information on each cat’s personality, including whether it is likely to get along with children or other pets.

When bringing a new kitten/cat into your home, it should initially be confined to one room with limited places to hide. This gives it time to acclimate to its new bedding, kitty litter, and scratching post(s). To build trust, talk to your kitty softly, making eye contact and feeding it small portions of food. In most cases the kitty can be released into the rest of your home in a few days. Then you can work on training it not to dash outside when a door is opened!

All of the kitties adopted through Beltsville Community Cats (BCC) are fully vetted. BCC can provide details on the best type of placement for every cat in our care. By taking the time to choose the right cat for your household, you are ensuring that your family and your new kitty will enjoy life together for many years to come.

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