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Obituary: Morris, Diego Kwami

Ming Yee Chen

Morris, Diego Kwami

Diego Kwami Morris, aka Noah, beloved son of Kelly J. Morris, of Beltsville, MD, and

Abla Golu Morris, of Madison, WI, died at his home in Beltsville on Wednesday, June

23, 2021, after a short illness. He was only 36 years old. His paternal Grandparents were

the late Lindsay F. Morris, Jr., and Lois M. Morris, of Beltsville, MD. His family is

absolutely devastated. Diego devoted the last ten years of his life to caring for his elderly

and disabled father, sacrificing career and family. He saved his dad’s life on five

occasions in recent years. He was kind, gentle, helpful, and honest. Those who could

penetrate his shyness found a delightful and intelligent conversationalist with many

diverse interests, from philosophy to astronomy. The family is heartbroken and at wits

end with his passing.

Diego was born in Lomé, Togo, West Africa on February 2, 1985, and came to the

United States with his family when his dad was transferred to Madison, WI. He moved

to Beltsville, MD, in 1994 where he lived with his dad and his grandmother. He helped

care for his grandmother until her death. He was a proficient and creative master of

Legos while growing up. He played soccer, basketball, and baseball with the Beltsville

Boys and Girls Club and enjoyed practicing karate. Most of all, he enjoyed computer

gaming, not only playing but also programming his own games. He demonstrated great

artistic talent, creating and making his characters mobile. During the summers before

and after his senior year at High Point High School, he attended DigiPen Institute of

Technology in Seattle, Washington where he earned computer game programming

certificates. He attained the Honor Roll and received the award for best environmental

science student. After high school, he attended TESST College of Technology where he

earned the Computer Networking certificate. He was a computer “jack-of-all-trades”

who would have been an asset to any company or agency. ”Little Diego” grew to be a

man of more than six feet tall and 220 pounds and towered over his dad. He hated cold

weather and loved African food. He liked to cook but didn’t want anyone to know it. He

was fed up with politics and racism. He was entirely digital and found his dad’s rooms

full of books, magazines, and papers exasperating. We can’t believe he’s not here!

Diego’s remains will be interred at the family cemetery in West Virginia at a later date.

The family would love to hear from his from his Beltsville and High Point friends:

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