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  • Nancy Feissner

Pishi: Beltsville Community Cats Kitty of the Month

Updated: Apr 26

I am one of the Beltsville Community Cats (BCC) volunteers who help take care of the foster cats we showcase in the habitat at the Petco in Laurel. I would like to introduce you to a special cat that is housed there now. Meet Pishi. For over a year, life has been a bit rudderless for Pishi. He’s been in three homes and is now eager to find the forever home that he needs and deserves.

I’ve met only a few of the unique cats referred to as dominant cats. They do not want to be around other cats. They often get along quite well with a dog. When one of these cats is adopted, they basically move in, make themselves at home, and treat you like their butler.

Seriously. They will bond with a family or a single person. They’ll follow you around your home, watch you do chores, tell you when it’s time for dinner, run, and play. Then, just when you think they’ll pass out from all the exercise, they want to be cuddled and sleep with ‘their’ humans. Indeed, his previous foster said that Pishi is the most loving cat he has ever met.

Just one story for now to show how cool Pishi is. While at the Laurel Petco, I was showing Pishi to two children. The door to his ‘habitat’ is open and the kids are petting him. Pishi is ultra friendly and does not shy away from anyone, even all the dogs that are roaming in Petco! The kids are petting Pishi’s soft, pretty coat of white and caramel patches. He suddenly leaps, lands in the middle of Petco, runs all the way across the store. He runs up and down a few aisles and under the shelving. Now this may seem funny, but his safety is at risk and so is my neck if I lose him! Luckily, a smart, professional, experienced Petco employee knew exactly what to do. Nick kindly asked all the onlookers in the store’s front section to back away. She then asked folks to be quiet for just a few moments. AND THEN… wait for it… Pishi came out from under the shelving and pranced across the width of the store right back to his Petco habitat.

Smart, fearless, and outgoing. Won’t you share Pishi’s story and help BCC find him a forever home? Learn more about him on BCC’s Pet Finder page at: (

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