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On The Agenda February 2023 by President, Karen M. Coakley

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

The Beltsville Comprehensive Community Cleanup Plan

Beltsville Comprehensive Community Cleanup (See graphic for specifics)

Phase #1 will occur between February 21 - March 2. The cleanup area includes the Boundary of Sellman Road between Cherry Hill Road and Montgomery Road and all of the streets off of Sellman and Montgomery that back up to the park, plus Allview Drive, Nevis Drive, Blueridge Drive, Pocono Place and Shenandoah Drive.

Phase #2 will occur between February 27 - March 9. The cleanup area includes the homes behind Chestnut Hills Shopping center, along Sellman Road between Montgomery Road, Rhode Island Avenue and Powder Mill Road.

If you would like a copy of the Clean Up program, send me an email

Winter Car Safety Tip

Car thieves are watching so on those cold winter mornings. Do not leave your car unoccupied while warming up. In January 25 cars at a Beltsville Apartment complex had airbags stolen. consider using “The Club" on your steering wheel to protect one of your airbags.

The Citizens Association will not meet in February, if you have a community concern, I can be reached at

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