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Why I Volunteer for Beltsville Community Cats: Testimonials by BCC Volunteers

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Many of you may wonder why people volunteer for an organization dedicated to improving the health and welfare of feral cats. Beltsville Community Cats (BCC) asked a few volunteers to briefly explain why they do what they do.

One volunteer who fosters responded, “My daughter suffers from severe depression and anxiety. We started fostering for BCC in 2019 when she was at her worst. Fostering saved her life. Caring for cats and kittens brought her joy and gave her something positive to focus on every day.”

A colony feeder said, “I started feeding when a friend asked me to substitute feed for a few weeks. As I got to know each cat’s mannerisms and personalities, I found myself looking forward to seeing them run up to me and greet me by swirling around my ankles. For three years I have been feeding these kitties voluntarily because each of them has touched my heart and brightened tough days. They offered me a perspective of gratitude for having food, water and shelter available while feral cats don’t have such luxuries unless someone takes the time to care for them. Even one or two nights a week feeding at one location can make an incredible difference in the cats’ lives and in your life!

Another BCC volunteer responded, “My love for cats extends to feral cats in the same fashion it encompasses feral dogs, distressed animals, and humans (particularly children) who are sick, lonely, hungry or in pain! Feeding feral cats is simply an extension of my love and compassion for those in need.”

Another colony feeder said, “I feed feral cats because it makes me happy. It is amazing to see their response. They come out to greet me, rubbing my legs and demanding (in a loving way) that I take a moment to pet them. While the more vocal kitties require more attention, it is a comforting feeling to know that in their own ways they all show their appreciation for my time and effort. It makes my heart smile knowing how much they appreciate what I do. I also enjoy my uninterrupted time outdoors with nature and these little four-legged heartthrobs. The bottom line is that feeding feral cats for BCC is a labor of love for me. I encourage you take a moment to consider volunteering for BCC. I guarantee you will not regret it!

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