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'Why We Chose a Vibrant Retirement at Riderwood'

Silver Spring, MD - Everyone has a vision of what the ideal retirement looks like--whether it's bustling with activity, devoted to more leisurely pursuits, or a combination of both. At Riderwood, an Erickson Senior Living community in Silver Spring, Md., residents can design the experience that's right for them, thanks to the abundance of amenities and resources on campus.

A sense of community, wonderful meals, and access to wellness options were among the top reasons why Sharon Williams determined that Riderwood was the perfect fit for her.

            Sharon, who moved to Riderwood in October from New Hampshire, recently spoke with Tribune to share her experience and help others make their retirement dreams a reality.


Tribune: How did you decide that Riderwood was the place for you?


Sharon: I have dear friends in La Plata, Md., whom I visit often. During one visit, their daughter, who works for Erickson Senior Living, talked about the advantages of moving to a continuing care retirement community. I said out loud, "Maybe I'll do that." So, I scheduled several visits to Riderwood, including a two-night stay in their Live the Life suite.

I stayed in a beautiful furnished apartment home and had the freedom to explore, sitting in on classes, activities, and meetings. The experience provided a real flavor of community life and what residents enjoy every day.

Each night, different residents would take me to dinner in the campus restaurants. Everyone was so friendly, and the food was delicious.

After that, I made the decision to move to Riderwood. And my friend and her husband moved in the day after I did!


Tribune: Did the staff members at Riderwood help with your move?


Sharon: Yes! I was moving from out of state, so the sales team went above and beyond to make sure I had all of the resources I needed for a smooth move. They even found real estate agents and moving companies near my house. The fact that everything went so well--in a very short time frame--speaks to their skill.

I lived in my house for 38 years, so I had a lot of stuff to sift through! Together, with the movers, we determined what I was going to bring with me to Riderwood.

With the layout of my apartment home in front of us, we determined the ideal furniture placement. That way, I knew where everything would go before, I moved.

When I arrived at Riderwood, the movers did all of the unpacking, making sure my furniture and items were where they were supposed to be. All of this would have been too daunting to do by myself.

The Riderwood team certainly knows how to make the process a lot easier for you!


Tribune: In what ways has your lifestyle changed since moving to Riderwood?


Sharon: Riderwood is truly a community. There is everything here that I could ever want or need--socialization, a sense of belonging, delicious meals, and wellness options. Living at Riderwood opens my up world to new things. 

I've had no problem meeting other friendly, outgoing people. Neighbors will stop and talk with you in the hallway, lobby, or elevator. I've never felt alone! There are always opportunities to make new friends, whether it's joining someone for dinner or meeting people at clubs and meetings.

And there are so many activities to choose from. I recently signed up for some on-campus classes that are provided by Prince George's Community College.

Moving from New England, I also really appreciate that I no longer have to worry about shoveling snow--or losing power, paying property taxes, and taking care of repairs. General Services takes care of any maintenance issues that arise. I loved my house, but there is so much less to worry about now!


Tribune: Were the on-site medical center and continuing care neighborhood factors in your decision?


Sharon: Absolutely! They were among some of my biggest reasons for moving to Riderwood. My primary care doctor is here, and I like her very much. Now, I'll never have to wait months to see a doctor. 

And on top of that, I've gained peace of mind, knowing that if I ever need a higher level of care, I won't have to make another move. 

To learn more about the benefits of moving to a maintenance-free community, request more information today.

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