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  • Rick Bergmann

Robin Wiltison, Principal at Martin Luther King Jr MS, Is Retiring

The Beltsville Community will be losing a great educator and principal on July 1 as Robin Wiltison retires from Prince George’s County Public Schools. Many of us in the Beltsville Community have very fond memories of Mrs. Wiltison either as our principal or our 8th-grade history teacher.

In her letter to the community, Principal Wiltison writes: “MLK has been my second home since 1983; I have spent more time here than at home during the last 20 years, so leaving isn’t easy. I will cherish the memories and relationships that were developed over the years as I move into the next phase of my journey.”

Principal Wiltison brought fun and knowledge to her classroom and her school. I still remember many of the lessons I learned from her as an 8th grader. It is because of her I learned the proper format of writing a research paper, a skill that I use and teach to my own students every day. The Beltsville News would like to thank Mrs. Wiltison for all that she has given to the students of Beltsville. Happy Retirement!

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