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Beltsville Heights Neighborhood Watch “Walk Around”

Members of the Beltsville Heights Neighborhood Watch enjoying a “Walk Around.”

On Thursday, June 29th, PG County Police Officers from the Beltsville Station and several Beltsville Heights neighbors participated in our third Neighborhood Watch “Walk Around” our neighborhood. It was a great evening, we all had fun, and our neighbors really enjoyed the Police Officers presence. I want to encourage our neighbors to watch out for each other and help keep each other safe.

Please also sign up to join the 'Beltsville Neighborhood Watch' Facebook page; and, also join the "Nextdoor" website at ( These sites are used to post incidents in our neighborhood to keep each other safe and upcoming events. Please watch out for kids walking and riding their bicycles and people walking their dogs through the neighborhood. There are still a lot of people in vehicles exceeding the speed limit on the streets and do not obey traffic stop signs. We all really appreciate when PG Police presence is in our neighborhood, yep, for sure!! Please dial '911' to report any suspicious activity in our community."

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