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Job Opportunity: Local Church seeks Song Leader

Song Leader, Contemporary Worship Emmanuel United Methodist Church, Beltsville MD


Beltsville Church is seeking a Song Leader for their Sunday morning 9:00 am contemporary worship service. Position requires 3 hours per week.

Responsibilities and Duties

·Leads the Praise Band rehearsals and Sunday performances.

·May play the keyboard or guitar, as necessary during rehearsals and contemporary worship services (9:00 am).

·On special occasions, arranges for appropriate musical programs to be performed.

·Consults with the Pastor to obtain upcoming sermon topics in order to select appropriate music for the message.

·Supports the worship experience by selecting seasonally and thematically appropriate songs for the contemporary worship service (9:00 am).

·Provides weekly music selections to the office staff for inclusion in the bulletin no later than 10:00 am on Wednesdays preceding the Sunday worship.

·Must arrive on Sunday morning no later than 8 am to lead the Praise Band rehearsal.

·If the Song Leader cannot personally provide the above services, obtains a competent substitute.

·Except for emergencies, leave is not granted between Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday, or on Christmas Day (if it falls on a Sunday).

·If the Praise Band's service will not be needed on a Sunday (e.g, due to a combined single worship service), notifies the band members at least one week in advance.

Qualifications and Skills

·Knowledge of music and techniques for leading and performing vocal music

·Ability to read music

·Knowledge of contemporary Christian music

·Ability to direct and lead all age-level groups

·Pleasant singing voice

·Understanding of comfortable keys to encourage congregation participation

·Ability to lead band musicians and the congregation

·Enthusiastic presence as a leader

·Ability to play a melody instrument such as keyboard or guitar is preferred, not required.

To apply, email to your (1) resume, (2) references, and (3) a cover note stating why you would like to be our worship song leader. Deadline is January 6.

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