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  • Rick Bergmann

A Cold Beginning to Spring

Well, we thought we had escaped the mess of winter this year. Although we had a few icy days and even a "wind" day in early March most of us believed winter was over with. But, on the second day of Spring winter decided to remind us that she was still here. In a rare but not unheard of late March snow storm, Beltsville received anywhere from 4-7 inches of snow. It was enough to close down all area schools for 2 days. But, spring reigned supreme on the next day as temps shot up into 40's and the snow began to melt away. All in all, it wasn't too bad and the views from our homes looked beautiful. It was just enough to keep us in for a little while and went away as quickly as it came. Check out the video below full of pictures of "Snow Storm 2018" from our readers.

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