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Upcoming Events for Vansville Elementary!

Family Fun & Bubble Run

Save the Date! Saturday, May 18th, 2019 for this year's Family Fun & Bubble Run at Laurel High School!

Ready, Set, Run (or walk)! Join the PTA and Vansville community for a one-mile run/walk at Laurel High School. Come out for the fun run, stay for the kid dashes and enjoy a health filled event with Wildcat family and friends. Get your tickets @

Opportunities for Local Business Partnerships! Do you have a local business? Do you know of a local business we should be connected with? Please share your connections with us! We have various sponsorship opportunities ranging from a family pledge to Sprinter!! (Check here for more info: Looking forward to us all joining together and SPRINGING into action!

We’re on Social Media! Are you following @VansvillePTA ? Like, comment, share & tweet to let us know you’re seeing what we’re sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!


Join Us! Vansville Elementary School’s Annual Wildcat BINGO Night is coming up on Friday April 5th at 6:30 PM Join us for a night of family fun, games, and prizes! Each game will have an adult and child winner! Bring a friend and a neighbor!

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