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  • Carolyn Bosch

The Latest News from Senator Rosapepe's Office: October 2019

College, university, and trade school fair—October 16 It’s never too early for high school students to start thinking about what comes next. To help plan for after graduation, Council Member Tom Dernoga is hosting a college, university, and trade school fair. The fair will be held Wednesday, October 16, from 6:30–8:30 pm at High Point High School. Meet and speak with representatives to learn more about their programs and opportunities. For any questions, please call 301.952.3887. Home repair program for elderly in need—Nov. 1 deadline Christmas in April * Prince George’s County is a non-denominational volunteer organization that repairs the homes of senior citizens who are low-income and/or physically challenged so they may live in warmth, safety, and independence. After months of planning and preparation, Christmas in April culminates in a one-day repair effort on the last Saturday in April. Eighty homes were repaired in 2019 in Prince George’s County, and all repairs are free for the homeowners. The 2020 application, due Nov. 1, is available online at or call 301.868.0937 with any questions. There ought to be a law! Delegates Peña-Melnyk, Barnes, Lehman, and I want to hear from you. The best ideas for new laws come from people like you—our constituents. For example, we’ve passed laws to ban panhandling on the roads and to stop landlords from dodging their property taxes—these ideas came directly from local citizens. Do you have ideas of improvements to state law you'd like us to consider? Just let us know your concerns and ideas. Contact us Please let us know if there are other issues you have questions or thoughts about. And, of course, feel free to be in touch if we can help you. Just email or call 301.858.3141.

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