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Cub Pack 1031: A Scout Is Clean

Early in March before everything closed, Cub Pack 1031 worked hard on our achievements. Tigers worked on Team Tiger, working together and cleaning outside our meeting place. Wolves worked on Code of the Wolf, and some of them achieved Paws on the Path. Webelos worked on Webelos Walkabout, and the Arrow den finished up three achievements!

On March 7, the Webelos dens went down to Washington, DC, via the Metro and hiked from Rhode Island Ave station along the Metropolitan Branch trail to the National Gallery of Art. There, we toured the East Gallery and learned about the mobiles of Alexander Calder and explored modern art. This helped both dens complete the gallery tour for Art Explosion and the Webelos 3-mile hike requirement for Webelos Walkabout.

Until we get through this pandemic, we are staying busy and working on achievements at home on our meeting night and sharing photos of our scouts’ work with the pack. The scouts can go on walks and explore spring in the outdoors with their families. They also can learn about the importance of handwashing and this new term “social distancing.” Talk, have fun, but stay at least 6 ft from others. Always learning!

A reminder: if you have Cub Scout uniforms that you can part with, please contact Regina Halper at the email below so we can pass on “experienced uniforms” to our scouts. The cost of Cub Scouting has been going up, and sharing your uniforms will help cover the cost of participating for our families.

Pack 1031 has fun adventures we will complete over the next year including outdoor adventures, citizenship, and service projects. Pack 1031 is a family pack open to boys and girls K to 5th grade. The pack has activities including camping, hiking, our annual Pinewood Derby and campfires. We also do participatory citizenship along Little Paint Branch Trail, our toy drive, and Scouting for Food. Along the way we learn responsibility, practice citizenship, play games, and have tons of fun. If you are interested in discovering the fun of Cub Scouts, please contact Regina Halper at for more information.

Photo Caption: Webelos and Cubmaster on the way to their urban hike

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