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American Legion Auxiliary Junior Members Support Active Military By Ivy Christoffers

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Pictured above are members of the American Legion family including the Juniors and the Cadets who packed 100 care boxes for our 00active Military through the Juniors program “Operation We Care.”

On March 7, 2021 our ALA Department Junior Chairman, Starr Purnell, and our ALA Junior President, Kiley Lack held a special program at Kent Island American Legion Post 278. Here several senior members along with the junior members and the Sea Cadets came together to fill 100 boxes with comfort items and snacks for active military members. Items were bought in bulk and small American Flags were folded into small pocket flags to fit in a shirt pocket were included. These boxes were then sent to soldiers to help raise their spirits. The cost of sending each box was $20. This was done through the “Operation We Care” a Junior project for 2021. The American Legion Auxiliary units in Maryland were very generous in donating funds for this worthwhile project.

On March 14, a beautiful “Day for God and Country” program chaired by Southern Maryland Chaplain, Marilyn Thomas, was held at Glenarden Post 275. This is an annual program to show gratitude and honor to all who have served in the United States Armed Forces, especially the four Chaplains who gave up their life preservers to four soldiers when the USS Dorchester was torpedoed on February 23, 1943. This was an awesome event which included several members of the entire Legion family taking part. It made for a very inspirational and patriotic afternoon.

On a College Park note, we are open and serving lunch several days a week. Our menu is extent with “specials” each day. Call 301.441.2783 for the day’s fare. The price is very reasonable and Joe, the chef, a very good cook.

A happy Easter to all. Now that spring is here, and daylight savings time gives us a little more daylight perhaps life will be more enjoyable.

Keep our troops in your prayers and seek God’s blessings on our troubledcountry.

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