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Beltsville Briefs January 2023

The Beltsville Young at Heart

By Lois Hamilton

We’re hoping at Beltsville Young at Heart that 2023 will be a healthy and prosperous year for all of us. Our January 19 meeting will be our regular meeting at 11:00am at the Beltsville Community Center, 3900 Sellman Avenue. Our entertainment will be “Rearview Mirror” and of course we’ll have some “goodies” for you to enjoy as refreshments.

Our winter policy is that if the P.G. county schools are closed, we will not meet. As senior citizens we know the risks that snow and ice can have on our driving and walking, but we’ll meet again as regular on the third Thursday of the month. We hope to see some new faces in the new year.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” T. Roosevelt

Beltsville Author announces new Poetry Book

Beltsville author J. L. Price latest book of poetry is now available for purchase. The book is titled "Poetic thoughts and convictions" This book is modestly priced at 7.99. It can be purchased through and Barnes and Nobles.Com. J. L. will also deliver the book to Beltsville residents if interested. His contact number for purchase is 301 651 4064.

Thank you to Santa and the Beltsville Volunteer Fire Department for visiting all of the children in Beltsville. The residents truly appreciate all you do! Photo by Gloria Darlington.

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