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Beltsville Lions Club Activities

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Rev. Dr. Andrea King from Emmanuel United Methodist Church, Ann & Ted Ladd at National Harbor

Four new members of the Beltsville Lions Club were inducted on 4 October by Lions Clubs International Director (ID) John Lawrence. The Club is pleased to welcome new members Suzie Mendelsohn, Vicky Malengo, Paul Malengo and Nancy Abernethy. In addition to the regular induction script, ID Lawrence asked new members to read aloud the Lions code of ethics. The code emphasizes honest and ethical conduct. Special thanks to ID Lawrence who drove some 150 miles round trip to meet with the club.

On Saturday, 14 October, Beltsville Lions Rev. Dr. Andrea King, Ann & Ted Ladd participated in vision and hearing screenings at National Harbor. The Lions Community Outreach Foundation’s mobile health unit contained the screening equipment, and visitors to National Harbor were offered complimentary screenings. The unit was parked not far from National Harbor's' Ferris wheel.

ID John Lawrence (left) instructing new members (left to right) Suzie Mendelsohn, her sponsor Ted Ladd, Rick Zerbe, sponsor of Nancy Abernethy, Vicky Malengo, Paul Malengo

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