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Beltsville Lions Club Program

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Attendees at the Beltsville Lions Club meeting of 2 February at Sierras Grill and Taqueria (L-R) Lions Mae Whitehead, Max Zelaya , Camillo DiCamillo, “Deedee” Musachio, Lions Clubs International Foundation Chair and Past District Governor Kelly Randolph, District Leader Dog Chair Lois Barb, Mary Ann Hanson, Ann Ladd, Ginger Hand, honored guest, Brindisi, Ann Marie Hanson, Andy Rolle, Ervin Whitehead, Fatima Barrie, President Ted Ladd.

Guest speakers at the February meeting of the Beltsville Lions Club were Past District Governor (PDG) Kelley Randolph and Lion Lois Barb. PDG Kelley currently serves as District-22C Chair of the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF). She discussed how LCIF provides disaster relief as well as aid in the areas of vision, hospice care, diabetes, environment, hunger, and cancer in children. She provided a list of Melvin Jones Fellows in the club, past and present, now totaling 17. Melvin Jones is considered the founder of Lions Clubs International, and the Fellowship is awarded for extraordinary community service over a long period.

Lion Lois Barb has served as District-22C chair for Leader Dogs for the Blind for many years and has raised 10 leader dog puppies herself. She knows her stuff and provided a great review of the program. It was a great meeting.

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