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Beltsville Native Named DC Teacher of the Year By Rick Bergmann

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

Beltsville Native Alejandro Diasgranados is interviewed on the Drew Barrymore show after winning DC Teacher of the Year.

On Thursday, October 15, Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser named Beltsville Native Alejandro Diasgranados as the 2021 DC Teacher of the Year. According to Office of the State Superintendent of Education, the DC Teacher of the Year program celebrates outstanding educators who are experts in their craft as demonstrated by accelerated growth for all students. They also demonstrate leadership beyond the classroom by partnering with colleagues, students, families, and communities to support innovation in teaching and learning and champion the teaching profession.

In a press release, Mayor Bowser said “Outstanding educators like Alejandro Diasgranados help students connect what they learn in the classroom to the world around them and inspire them to be lifelong learners. We thank Mr. Diasgranados for all he has done for his students and the Aiton Elementary community. Congratulations on being selected as the 2021 DC Teacher of the Year!”

Mr. Diasgranados not only is the recipient of this prestigious award, but he will now be considered for the National Teacher of the Year Award run by the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) as well as receiving a stipend to support travel to attend conferences, workshops, and other professional development opportunities.

According to DC Public Schools Chancellor Lewis D. Ferebee, “I am proud of all that Alejandro Diasgranados has done to keep our students engaged in rigorous and joyful learning experiences and thankful for his trusted presence in our community. Congratulations to Mr. Diasgranados, whose remarkable leadership inspires us all.”

Mr. Dias, as his students call him, has taught at Aiton Elementary for his entire five-year career in education. He is a graduate of High Point High School and Virginia State University. He teaches English language arts and social studies where he empowers his students to act as agents of change and inspires them to advocate for themselves and others. Congratulations to Alejandro—the Beltsville Community couldn’t be prouder.

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