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Beltsville News: Blast from the Past December 2023

(From the Beltsville News issue of December 2008)

Blast from the Past, in December 2008, Al Doong was awarded Good Sports Adult Player of the Year

Al Doong Named Good Sports Adult Player of the Year

Al Doong, formerly of Beltsville, was recently awarded the 2008 Good Sports Adult Player of the Year at Turf Valley Country Club. The award recognizes a player’s dedication, respect for teammates, leadership, academic effort, community service, attitude, commitment to practice, respect for coaches and respect for officials.

In June 2008, Al was guest speaker for opening ceremonies at the Relay for Life in Howard County, which is a 12-hour walk for the American Cancer Society, and he now is involved as a committee member. Al also serves as an ambassador with the Howard County Chamber of Commerce, a board member of the Columbia Business Exchange and a member of the Laurel Board of Trade.

Al commented, “I enjoy meeting others and getting to know those in the community who are actually, making a difference in people’s lives.” Al is a health and wellness consultant with Isagenix International, the world’s leader in nutritional cleansing, and shows people around the country how to enjoy a better quality of life by improving their health and their finances. His website is www.gettinghealthypac.isagenix. (Sadly, Al Doong passed away on 6 June 2020 at age 54.)

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