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Beltsville News Home Delivery by Rick Bergmann

The Beltsville News has ceased sending a copy of the paper to every home in Beltsville. As postal rates have gone up, it wasn’t financially feasible to do this anymore. It cost more for us to mail the papers than it did to print each month.

You may now access the paper in a number of ways. The easiest and most convenient is to visit our website at www.beltsvillenewstoday.com. Here you can access the paper directly, read individual articles and sign up for our monthly mailing list. If you sign up for the mailing list, you will receive a pdf of the paper in your email each month. You can also pick up physical copies at The Calverton Giant, Wawa, Beltsville Library, Beltsville Community Center, Spicknalls, Fairland Aquatic/Gymnastics Center, Fairland Ice Palace and Lax Wine and Spirits. If you would like a subscription, please contact Ted Ladd at 301-937-6796 or tedladd02@aol.com or karenmcoakley@gmail.com

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