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  • Jay Williams

Beltsville’s Swahili Village Restaurant Is In The News!

Photo taken at the Martin Luther King Memorial. May 21, 2024. (From L to R) Mr. Raymond Chambers, Philanthropist & founder of the New Jersey Performing Arts Theatre, Kevin Onyona, Cofounder of Kevin & Lynn Onyona foundation and cofounder of Swahili Village group, Rachel Chebet Ruto, First Lady of the Republic of Kenya, Shaquille O’Neal, Hall of fame professional basketball player, philanthropist and business mogul, William Ruto, President of the Republic of Kenya and Ms Bernice King.

A great meeting, in May, between a group of like-minded people such as Kevin Onyona, founder of the Swahili Village Restaurant here in the town of Beltsville, Maryland and with the philanthropists of Mr. Ray Chambers, Shaquille O'neale and the Martin Luther King family.

This restaurant and its community initiatives have provided over 100 jobs, 50 annual events and supported so many minority families, charities and small businesses over the span of a decade. As of today, this restaurant has expanded to two more locations in Washington D.C. and Newark, New Jersey. Kevin is currently planning to expand into many more cities across the nation.

The Kevin & Lynn foundation, also founded in the state of Maryland, is now the daily focus of Kevin as he continues to provide opportunity hospitality and other initiatives between the continent of Africa and the United States starting within Kenya.

It is these philanthropic missions that have brought Kevin together among numerous others in the fast-growing global network including the heads of state dignitaries. As the Swahili Village restaurant group grows impacting communities and bridging cultures and advancement between both continents the town of Beltsville benefits from this greatly and exponentially.

     For more information about the Swahili Village Restaurants go to

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