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Beltsville Volunteer Fire Department Santa Tour 2020

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

The Beltsville VFD escorts Santa through Beltsville!

Santa is coming to Beltsville courtesy of the Beltsville Fire Department again this year. His route has been planned, and he is getting ready for his visit. The tours will begin on Tuesday, December 8. There are a few changes this year due to COVID. Santa will not be able to have contact with anyone along the route this year, and he will not be handing out candy. Below are some rules to follow when Santa comes by your house: 1. If you meet Santa at the intersections listed below on the schedule, he will be able to meet more children and see more of Beltsville. 2. Always use caution when visiting Santa. Please pay attention to the fire apparatus and stay out of the street. 3. Sometimes Santa runs behind schedule by a couple of minutes, so be patient. He will follow the schedule as closely as possible. 4. We will not be handing any candy out this year. 5. Santa and the firefighters will have no citizen contact. The Santa tour will continue to move. We will not be stopping. 6. Tour could change or cancel due to any changes by state or local authority due to COVID. 7. Have fun and make sure you know what you want for Christmas! Here is the schedule for this year’s tour:

Tuesday December 8 Starting Time at 6:00 pm

-Indian Creek St. @ Lime Tree Way

-Hockberry Way @ Hammett St.

-Old Baltimore Pike @ Brewer Rd.

-Brewer Rd. @ Cordwall Dr.

-Odell Rd. @ Old Baltimore Pike

-Odell Farms Ct. @ Barkwood Ct.

-Odell Rd. @ Ellington Dr.

-Snowden Woods

-West Lock

-Lighthouse Dr. @ Ashcroft Dr.

-Clocktower Ln. @ Admiral Dr.

-Boulder Dr. @ Cap Ct.

-Boulder Dr. @ Trade Wind Terr.

-Summer Grove Dr. @ Hickory Grove Ct.

-Summer Grove Dr. @ Poplar Grove Ct.

Saturday December 12 Starting Time 4:00 pm

Evans Trail

-Blueridge @ Pocono Place

-Shenandoah @ Blueridge

-Cherry Hill Rd. (in front)

-Major Denton @ Cherry Hill Court

-Townley Apartments

-Cherry Mill Drive @ Cherry Tree Ct.

-Collier @ Powder Mill Rd.

-Cherryvale @ Weeping Willow

-Cherryvale @ Cherryvale Terr.

-Lighthouse @ Beltsville Drive

-Beltsville Drive @ Beltsville Rd

-Forestview @ Christine

-Chapel View @ Craiglawn

-Craiglawn @ Paca

-Calverton @ Greenmount

-Beltsville Rd @ Bellvue St

-Greenmount @ Dunnington

-Ronehill @ Castleleigh

-Ingleside @ Blairmore

-Dunnington @ Oriole

-Stonehall @ Taney

-Dunnington @ Key

-Ivy @ Susquehanna

-Wellford @ Dunnington

-Harbour Town Dr

-Briggs Chaney @ Myrtle Ave

-Castle Pines

-Old Gunpowder Spur

Tuesday December 15 Starting Time 6:00 pm

-Ammendale Way @ Long Feather Ct.

-Ammendale Way @ Clear Brooke Ct.

-Ammendale Way @ Narrow Trail Terr.

-Ammendale Way @ Horse Soldier Pl.

-Ammendale Way @ Ammendale Rd.

-Ammendale Rd. @ Hawk Ridge Ct.

-Saquoia Ln. @ Saquioa Terr.

-Saquoia Ln. @ Saquoia Pl.

-Ammendale Rd. @ Hidden Brooke Ct.

-Old Muirkirk @ Muirkirk Rd.

-Old Muirkirk @ Longwood Dr,

-Longwood Dr. @ Cailen Ct.

-Longwood Dr. @ Belmar Ct.

-Stanmore Dr. @ Breyers Pl.

-Stanmore Dr. @ Blue Pond Terr.

-Sullivan Ct. @ Burdette Way

-Longwood Dr. @ Pawling Way

-Longwood Dr. @ Loughborough Pl.

-Longwood Dr. @ Blue Pointe Ave.

-Alloway Ln. @ Northhampton Dr.

-Northhampton Dr. @ Crossfield Dr.

-Brickyard Development

Thursday December 17 Starting Time 6:00 pm

-Garove @ Hennessey Dr.

-Indigo @ Barbara Dr.

-Longhorn @ West View Ct.

-Montgomery Place @ Montgomery Ct.

-Montgomery Rd. @ Kenny St.

-Kenny St. @ 34th Place

-35th Pl. @ Yates Rd.

-35th Pl. @ Sarasota Pl.

-Montgomery Rd. @ Forreston Rd.

-Forreston Rd. @ Stephen Ln.

-Cedar Ln. @ Cedar Ct.

-Howard Rd. @ Home Acres Terr.

-Sellman & Weymouth

-Ulster & Woodbine

-Sellman & Dresden

-Sellman & Hillwood

Saturday December 19 Starting Time 5:00 pm

-Prince George’s Ave. @ Wicomico Ave.

-Howard Rd. @ Queen Anne Ave.

-Rhode Island Ave. @ Garrett Rd.

-Odell Rd. @ Lexington Ave.

-Manheim Ave. @ Caroline Ave.

-Queen Anne Ave. @ Naples Ave.

-Olympia Ave. @ Carroll Ave.

-Lincoln Ave. @ Theresa St.

-Quimby Ave. @ Carroll St.

-Amelia St. @ Apex Ln.

-Chesnut Grove @ Heartwood Rd.

-Knott St. @ Wandering Oak Way

-Gordon Ave @ Blackpool Dr.

-Gordon Ave @ Flash St.

-Franklin St. @ Flash St.

-Franklin St. @ Franklin Terr.

-Franklin St. @ Ammendale Rd.

-Ammendale Rd. @ Holly Tree

-North Lincoln @ Vergie St.

-Roby Ave @ Macon Ave

-Caverly Ave @ Caverly Pl.

-Pines St. @ Maple Pl.

-Caverly @ Greenwood Rd.

-Greenwood Rd. @ Emack Rd.

Monday December 21 Starting at 6:00 pm

-Cedar Ln. @ Yates Rd.

-Brandon Ln. @ Francis Dr.

-Emack Rd. @ Dorset Ln.

-Montgomery Rd. @ Cedar Ln.

-Yates Rd. @ Garrett Ave.

-Howard Rd. @ Cardinal Ave.

-Brandon Rd. @ West Caroline

-Worchester Ave. @ Yucca St.

-Yucca St. @ Josephine Ave.

-Brandon Ln. @ Howard Ave.

-Montgomery Rd. @ 43rd Ave.

-Usange St. @ 45th Ave.

-Tonquil Pl. @ 44th Ave.

-Tonquil St. @ 45th Ave.

-45th Ave. @ Samar St.

-Romlin St. @ 44th Ave.

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