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College Park Unit # 217 Welcomes Spring By Ivy Christoff

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

What challenges will we be facing in the next few months? The past year has proved to be difficult for many. New methods have been improvised to address what used to be very simple. As I look around, I ask myself what else can I do to make life a little easier for my fellow citizens? Then my phone rings and who is calling? Another scam artist. It seems the I.R.S. is going to arrest me for fraud. Really? And a few days later the Naval Federal Credit Union is coming to get me because of fraudulent checks? I have never been associated with the Naval Federal Credit Union. It seems I have a bull’s eye on my phone for scam artists. Isn’t life hard enough without having to cope with these crooks?

Now let us address the American Legion Auxiliary. We have collected the Americanism Essays from the participating schools, and they will be going to the judges in mid- February. It is always a hard job to choose the winners from such excellent essays, but our judges are retired schoolteachers who look forward to the challenge. We are fortunate to have them.

There is a Department Executive Committee (DEC)meeting scheduled for February 20 at Post 109 in Baltimore and a special DEC meeting to be held at College Park Post # 217 on March 6. Yes, our post home is again open. You are invited to visit and check out the new renovations. Our post home is a really beautiful and welcoming place to spend a few hours with friends.

Our next Southern Maryland District meeting is February 28 in Mayo. All meetings are both in person and virtual because of the limit in attendance.

Keep our troops in your prayers and continue to seek God’s blessing on our great country.

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